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Future-proof your foodservice business with efficient refrigeration

Many businesses are waking up to the benefits of investing in energy efficient refrigeration to cut costs and reduce their impact on the environment.

In an ever-more competitive marketplace, every serious operator has targets around sustainability, including energy management programmes to reduce energy consumption across all sites.

JD Wetherspoons, for example, has published an annual target to reduce its electricity[i], gas and water consumption by 5%, through a combination of initiatives and the introduction of energy efficient technology.

McDonald’s, meanwhile, have shared details about their work towards a global ambition of preventing 150 million metric tons of C02 equivalents from being released into the atmosphere by 2030[ii].

These two large food brands are not alone.

Starbucks, Burger King, Costa, Subway and a host of other brands all regularly publish data relating to how they are tackling climate change and minimising their environmental impacts, posting these on their corporate web pages.

Sweet pea soup

More than just green food – Operators in all areas are working towards sustainability targets.

Low carbon technology driving fall in electricity consumption

While the benefits of using low carbon technology are clear, what might not be so obvious is that it can also help to safeguard the future of your business.

There’s been a major shift in the way electricity is being generated and consumed.

New figures show the amount of electricity generated in the UK last year fell to its lowest level in 25 years. At the same time, output from renewable sources rose to another record high, generating an estimated 33% of the UK total in 2018.

In combination with nuclear, low-carbon sources contributed 53% of UK generation in 2018, with the share from fossil fuels at its lowest ever.

Separate figures for the EU, meanwhile, also show a fall in the amount of electricity generated to levels last seen in 2003. Electricity from renewable sources now accounts for around 30% of the total energy consumed across Europe.

The figures underline the continuing shift towards more sustainable energy sources and the fact that consumers and businesses alike are now looking at more efficient ways of consuming electricity.

Refrigeration energy efficiency icons

True products boast a range of features beneficial to maintaining energy efficiency

The next generation of energy efficient refrigeration

Regardless of whether you’re a large chain or a smaller independent operator, by switching to the latest, most energy efficient equipment available, your energy consumption can be considerably reduced.

Saving energy can directly increase your revenue and profitability without the need to increase sales.

True have been working closely with our clients, developing cutting edge products which deliver market-leading energy efficiency without compromising on reliability, design or build quality.

True TCR and TCF counter refrigerators are the result of this investment.

They are the most energy efficient commercial refrigeration products currently available, offering superior energy consumption performance when compared to equivalent products on the market.

Energy efficient refrigeration

True’s new configuration tool allows users to build their ideal product and see energy ratings

By working more closely with our customers, True can help you achieve targets to reduce energy consumption, save money, and supply you with a better, more reliable refrigeration product.

This includes our own research and development, testing and pioneering hydrocarbon (HC) refrigeration systems with the latest in energy efficient components and our own patented technologies, perfect for operators focused on responsible environmental practices.

The benefits to your business

For operators which have large operations, using the most energy efficient products available can have a huge impact on lowering utility costs.

Saving energy by choosing the most efficient products is one of the simplest ways to hit your green targets and increase profits.

‘Being seen to be green’ can also enhance the reputation of your business, as more customers rank sustainably as a factor when it comes to purchases.

Find out how True can help your business become more efficient

True produce several of the most energy efficient commercial refrigeration products currently available on the market. To find out more about how our refrigeration products can help your business reduce its electricity consumption, get in touch today.



[i] https://www.jdwetherspoon.com/investors-home/bsr/environment

[ii] https://corporate.mcdonalds.com/content/corpmcd/scale-for-good/climate-action.html

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