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3 Ways Custom Refrigeration Can Help You Sell More

With customers bombarded with options in the food and drink market, from supermarkets to bars and take-aways, it is a challenge making products stand out.

It can be tough to get customers to notice products – especially if they’re tucked away in standard refrigeration options.

However, there is an alternative, and it comes in the form of custom refrigeration. Trusted by major chains and restaurants for decades, True’s ability to customize its products makes it possible for a wider variety of businesses to personalize their refrigeration to help sell more.

Here’s how…

Catch their attention

Customers are pretty used to what refrigerators look like, so something different can really capture the attention of potential buyers. A bright pop of color or an eye-catching image can make a display unit stand out in a food outlet or supermarket setting.

Catching a customer’s attention is the first step in gaining interest to entice someone to look closer and check out the products on offer. Think about where you place products, and the best way your refrigeration can be used to draw the eye of potential customers.

To help brands do this, True can offer durable powder-coating on a range of products in all sorts of colors, so your offer is noticed.

True units are fully customisable to match your branding and stand out from the crowd

Showcase what’s on offer

The opportunity to customize a refrigeration unit can give you the chance to show someone what’s inside, from the outside. Big brands like Coca Cola and Krispy Kreme have had this tactic nailed for years, but with True you can customize refrigeration from a single unit to give customers a hint of what’s inside.

Changeable high-quality printed vinyl with energy efficient LED backlighting also gives you flexibility to easily adapt, tempt customers to try cool drinks in the summer and then update your unit’s grab and go snacks in the winter. Products like True’s GDM model have a customizable back-lit panel on the front, and plenty of space on each side to add vinyl depending on the surfaces visible to your customers.

From high-end champagne to grab-and-go sushi or drinks, customers can develop an appetite for products when they can see them, encouraging them to make a purchase. Custom refrigeration helps them do just that.

Match your aesthetic

The first step in influencing on-premise buyer behavior is with visual triggers. A lick of paint, exposed wood, neon signs and some carefully placed foliage can turn a run-of-the-mill café into a hipster coffee shop, and a simple sandwich to an artisan sourdough bloomer, that can sell for twice the price.

Of course, products and service need to match up to good looks, but people do judge a book by its cover. You can help pull them in and get them choosing your most profitable products with customized refrigeration options that tie into your venue’s aesthetic, creating a double hit of interest and style.

The GDM blending in seamlessly at Albert Schloss, Manchester

Customize your refrigeration

Big brands have been creating customized refrigeration for decades, because it works. You can do it too with True.

Contact us today to see how you can access refrigeration tailored to your unique style and products, with industry-leading performance built in as standard.

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