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A Look at The World’s Most Exciting Bars

The last couple of years have welcomed an abundance of international bars wowing guests with their jaw-dropping interiors and striking surroundings.

From ice-cold frozen palaces and huge beer halls to rooftop cocktail bars and next-level poolside getaways, people can’t get enough of experiential environments where they can enjoy a drink or two.

A ‘good bar’ means something different for everyone. For some, the ambiance can make or break a watering hole. For others, a great cocktail is enough to keep them coming back for more.

So, we thought we’d compile a list of some of the best bars in the world to find out what makes each one so special.

The American Bar, London.

Filled with 1920s charm and sophistication, The American Bar belongs to the great tradition of American cocktail bars that became renowned in London and Paris.

Serving classics and signature cocktails, The American Bar’s creations are a reference for cocktail lovers all over the world. Their 16 specially curated cocktails take drinkers on a journey through America’s history, exploring pivotal moments in time and celebrating cultural achievements in politics, exploration, events, music, sport, and literature.

Quirky interiors and cool cocktails are what makes The American Bar so popular. (Credit: The English Room)

Artesian, London

The Artesian’s menu is inspired by the mantra ‘less is more’, with cocktails being made of only one flavor combination.

Created in the Artesian laboratory, staff have worked to pair thoughtfully sourced spirits with just one other key ingredient or flavor. We’re talking refreshing Melon and Tai Basil and decedent Star of Bombay and Golden Beetroot.

Artesian’s careful pairings make it a firm favorite. (Credit: Artesian)

Bon Bon Bar – Sweden

As well as boasting a variety of delightful drinks, the Bon Bon Bar is well-known for its fashionable interior. The swanky bar features a curving pink velvet sofa and round tables with bright lamps.

Cocktails on the menu are sustainably made using local ingredients. There’s even a Martini trolley, serving caviar, chocolates and of course, cocktails.

Bon Bon Bar’s pink velvet sofa envelopes guests in luxury. (Credit: Bon Bon Bar)

Ice Kube Bar, Paris

The only ice bar in Paris is a post-apocalyptic frozen netherworld where a transformed wartime shelter home of the first member of La Résistance is frozen over and packed with brilliantly cool cocktails.

Guests must endure -20°C temperatures but will be rewarded with a variety of delicious cocktails to choose from, carefully crafted by the bar’s very own team of mixologists.

The Ice Kube Bar is a super cool hit. (Credit: Ice Kube Bar)

Bob Bob Cité, London

The decadent interiors of Bob Bob Cité only add to the glamour of your experience in this unique and exciting bar. With over 150 wines and champagnes at just the push of a button and a further 60 variations of vintage Armagnac, you are truly spoilt for choice.

While there you can be sure to enjoy your drinks at the perfect temperature, thanks to their very own glass door unit from True.

True worked with Bob Bob Cité to customise a cooler to match the unique interior aesthetic of the bar.

A focus on experience

The rise in eclectic bars doesn’t come as a surprise, especially if you look at the facts.

A Mintel report found that 61% of millennials say they prefer to stay at home and drink. So, bars now need to think about offering consumers a unique experience to entice people to drink alcohol away from home.

Consumers now expect every element of their night out to deliver a multi-sensory, immersive experience, including the food and drink they order.

As taste is no longer the sole element of the drinking experience bars need to ensure drinkers are blown away by the serve and get that heightened experience that they’re after. So, when you’re sketching out bar design ideas, it’s important to ensure that the overall customer experience your venue offers can meet those expectations.

The Importance of a Good Display

The way in which beverages are displayed plays a huge part in customer purchasing decisions. If beverages are presented in an attractive manner, the likelihood of purchase increases.

Glass door refrigerators have a prominent place behind any bar and can help drive custom if stocked effectively.

Their benefit is two-fold – they chill drinks so they’re nice to drink, and the glass doors and lighting allow bars to really show drinks off and create displays that entice customers to give them a try.

True’s display refrigerators really help to set off bar aesthetic.

Think about the look

When consumers desire a unique experience, customized is the way forward, as designers come up with more ideas to customize refrigeration to match the environment it will sit in.

At True, we offer a number of options that incorporate more design-led features, to support customers who want to have a more customized look.

Our powder coating process can be applied externally and internally to most products, providing a solid color option based on standard RAL codes– perfect for displaying high-end drinks brands – and highlight options such as bronzed handles and hinges add further design flourish.

True can help customize units to suit.

Get in touch

If you’re looking to tap into the bar market and need help choosing the right equipment for your quirky concept, True can help.

Get in touch with one of our friendly advisors today.

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