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Ecolabelling and what it means to you

What is ecolabelling?

Ecolabelling involves marking an electronic product with information about its energy usage. Ecolabels include a letter grade from A-G (or A+++ to G on some) that allows consumers to quickly compare the energy efficiency of electronics, with A being the most efficient and therefore eco-friendly option.


Along with an ecolabel, electronic products must meet a minimum energy performance standard to be sold in the EU. It’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure their products meet these standards and products are labelled accordingly.


Ecolabelling is a legal requirement for commercial refrigerators and freezers in both the EU and the UK. Previously, this only applied to refrigerators with solid doors, but since 1st March 2021, this has now been applied to all glass-fronted and multideck commercial refrigeration equipment too.


But ecolabelling doesn’t just apply to commercial refrigerators. Many electronics sold in the EU and UK display ecolabels, such as TVs, washing machines and lighting products.


Why is ecolabelling being introduced?

Energy labels were first introduced in 1995 by the EU, but they only applied to some consumer goods. At the time, the intention of energy labels was to encourage manufacturers to reduce the amount of energy their products use. This allowed customers to understand the energy requirements of equipment before they make a purchase.


Fast forward to 2021, now most commercial electronics must have an ecolabel. As with the original energy labels, ecolabels aim to ensure that electronics can run efficiently, helping end-users reduce energy consumption. Not only does this help vendors to save on long term energy costs, but more importantly, it allows businesses to reduce emissions for a lower impact on the environment.

What does ecolabelling mean for the foodservice industry?


The main benefit of ecolabelling for businesses is the ability to easily compare energy efficiency so you can guarantee you’re using the most efficient equipment. Any good business today should value sustainability, and strive to operate in a way which limits their impact on the environment. Helpful websites like Topten.eu allow you to see and compare energy labels from a wide range of manufacturers.


Ultimately this helps to reduce the long-term running costs of your operations since less energy is used day-to-day. And when equipment is more efficient, it means it’s more sustainable, helping you reduce the carbon footprint of your operations.


The only impact you’re likely to notice as a customer is that your current equipment may not be available to repurchase, especially if it’s an old unit. This is because many older units no longer meet the stringent energy requirements that are responsible for the introduction of ecolabelling.


However, this isn’t all bad. Many manufacturers (like True) have worked to update their products in line with new regulations, meaning you may still be able to source the products you love, but with lower running costs.

Be Ready with True Refrigeration

When new regulations like ecolabeling are announced, many manufacturers struggle to make effective changes in time, but not True Refrigeration.


We’ve been at the forefront of sustainable innovation for years, developing specialist technology that allows our customers to get the most out of their refrigerators, with a lower impact on the environment. True refrigerators are some of the most efficient units on the market and still deliver on quality every single time.


As innovators in sustainable technology, we’re here to help you understand upcoming regulations and how they impact foodservice businesses. To find out more about the regulations, check out our Be Ready resource center.


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