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Elevating your menu with versatile prep tables

Recent trends have displayed a shift in consumer expectations and dining habits, demanding not only exceptional cuisine but diverse dining experiences too.

As food enthusiasts increasingly seek variety, authenticity and convenience, establishments face the challenge of meeting these demands head-on by providing a variety of cuisines and dishes to their diners.

For some, this may be where they open for light lunch options in the day, with sandwiches or salad bowls, before re-opening in the evening for fine dining. Or they may provide breakfast in the morning and offer cocktails and tapas later on.

In order for these types of venues to be a success, they require kitchen equipment which can be configurable to match menu requirements.

Catering to diverse menus

Restaurants may encounter several hurdles that can hinder their ability to seamlessly transition between different offerings, such as limited kitchen space, the cost of specialised equipment for specific dishes and potential food wastage when switching to a different menu style.

This is where the introduction of versatile prep tables becomes pivotal, as they help to elevate the efficiency and adaptability of your restaurant’s kitchen.

Benefits of using configurable prep tables

At True Refrigeration, our TSSU’s offer the widest range of model sizes and build options, including door/drawer, lid and pan number options.

The configurable Gastronorm pan space can accommodate a combination of pan sizes tailored to your operation, with large capacity refrigerated storage for easy replenishment.

This makes them ideal for a variety of applications, including making sandwiches, pizzas, poke bowls, burgers, and much more.

Another benefit is that they give you increased menu creativity and flexibility. With a unique airflow system which more accurately maintains a consistent 0.5°C to 5°C temperature range, they ensure the very best in ingredient preservation.

So, whether it’s fish, meat, vegetables, or fruit you’re prepping and storing, you can feel assured that they’re kept food-safe, fresh and delicious.

Scroll through our imagery gallery to see how you can best utilise our prep tables

How have our solutions helped others?

Oats Day Long is a creative breakfast bar which serves oatmeal in unique ways, alongside other organic ingredients, to make many tasty and healthy dishes.

To help prep and store ingredients efficiently, we recommended our TSSU prep counters. This enabled them to have two separate preparation areas, one for their tasty, sweet dishes and the other for oatmeal seed bread.

By delivering this solution, we were able to improve their productivity and provide extra prep and storage space for their day-to-day operations.

Watch the video below to find out more.


Increasing efficiency for your kitchen staff

We also helped Hawaiian Poke Bowl with our prep tables. With at least 4,000 poke bowls sold every day across their stores, they needed to be able to prep and store ingredients ahead of busy periods.

The customisable pan space provided by our TSSU’s meant that they could structure the layout of ingredients exactly how they wanted, so they can now store all seven house favourite dishes in a more convenient way, helping to improve their performance.

Read the case study now

Take your kitchen operations to the next level

By investing in adaptable kitchen equipment, such as versatile prep tables, restaurants can unlock a world of menu possibilities.

With our TSSU’s, you aren’t just upgrading equipment; you’re future proofing your business by ensuring that your menu can adapt to changing tastes and trends.

Learn more about our TSSU prep tables

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Elevating your menu with versatile prep tables

Recent trends have displayed a shift in consumer expectations and dining habits, demanding not only exceptional cuisine but diverse dining experiences too. As food enthusiasts…