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We now know, that in order to preserve our future, we all need to make some changes. In our lives, in our businesses, we all have a responsibility to act. “Change” doesn’t necessarily mean no longer being able to do the things we enjoy. It can be a positive thing for our health, for the planet, for your turnover.

In the restaurant industry as well as in food distribution, we are used to change, because customers tastes change all the time. Through our passion for what we do, we’re able to innovate, pivot and adapt, to “improve” our processes and our offering. To be “sustainable” as a manufacturer means continually reviewing and improving all aspects of our processes, minimizing negative environmental impact, conserving energy and natural resources, and delivering better commercial refrigeration products than have ever existed before. This is our responsibility and our commitment to our customers.

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An energy crisis, climate change challenges, the need for sustainable equipment:

Just like in transport, construction and other industrial sectors, food service and distribution companies are facing major economic, energy and social challenges. Cooking, refrigeration, heating and lighting are, moreover, particularly energy-intensive.

For any leading, responsible restaurateur or retail brand, a driving influence today is the need to reduce overheads and carbon footprints. Refrigeration is essential to your operation and is an area where True can help you be “more than ready ” to achieve your long-term business goals whilst still respecting the environment. Using our energy-efficient, environmentally responsible refrigeration equipment leaves you free to imagine new recipes for your success.

Beyond Ready

Beyond Ready is a campaign from True Refrigeration, intended to help raise awareness of the environmental impact of commercial refrigeration, and educate the industry about how we can respond to the environmental issues facing us all. Being more “sustainable” in all aspects of business has become essential. We all have a role to play.

Join us, and be more than ready


True was a leader in the development of R290 Hydrocarbon as a viable alternative to the environmentally un-friendly refrigerant gasses previously used in commercial refrigeration. This early investment in the future allows us to maintain our lead today, as we continue to innovate.


By using the highest quality materials and processes, the durability of our products is world renowned. True products are built to last, not to be replaced. This is why we offer a leading product warranty as standard, high levels of repairability, and the support infrastructure to insure that your investment in our product is an investment in the future of yours business.


Choosing commercial refrigeration that costs less to run, lasts longer and has been manufactured in an environmentally responsible way is our contribution toward helping your business thrive in a future where consumers are increasingly choosing more sustainable lifestyles. We all have our part to play.


Today, every kWh counts. The cost to your business is going up, while the cost to the environment isn’t coming down. Our latest generation of products are some of the most energy efficient on the market, whilst still upholding True’s reputation for performance, even in the most demanding professional environments.


Our Energy Cost Calculator can help you compare expenditure and the environmental impact of commercial refrigeration.

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