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True’s Commitment to Sustainability

True has always taken the impact refrigeration has on the climate seriously. We recognize that it’s our responsibility to encourage and support our customers in selecting refrigeration products that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

With growing concerns about global warming and the atmosphere taking on more and more hazardous emissions, industries are looking to alternative refrigerants as part of the solution. Hydrocarbon refrigerant is the next step towards better refrigeration and environmental responsibility.

The industry is moving towards more sustainable forms of cooling, a trend heavily driven in Europe by the F-Gas Regulation. The Regulation aims to reduce Global Warming emissions caused by Fluorinated greenhouse gases (the refrigerants traditionally found in heating and cooling applications) and is part of the European climate change agenda as set out in the EU Low Carbon Roadmap.

The most harmful F gases are being phased out first, but all F gases will need to be replaced in the near future.

True is pioneering Natural Refrigerant, a hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerant that is a natural, non-toxic gas with no ozone-depleting properties (ODP = 0) and a very low global warming potential (GWP = 3).

The Importance of Sustainable Refrigeration

In light of recent changes, True is producing BE READY, a campaign intended to educate operators on the legislation, as well as the impact of refrigeration on businesses, sustainability, and the environment.

However, our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there.

True are devoted to building a better tomorrow. We’re not only interested in a leadership role as a major supplier to the industry, but also as a leader and model in efficient, responsible manufacturing worldwide. This includes reducing our carbon footprint and being committed to responsible and sustainable manufacturing at all levels. As 100% of True’s product manufacturing happens at our facilities in the state of Missouri, USA, we can ensure this happens.

Our in-house Sustainability Team oversees True’s environmental impact, striving towards creating energy-efficient products in an ever more responsible manner, addressing the increasing demands for social responsibility in the manufacturing process.

True’s Sustainability Team – Making a Difference

True products can be found in kitchens around the world, so we realize what we manufacture has a far-reaching impact. This provides us with a unique opportunity to be a partner and educator to our customers on a global scale. We share a common goal in producing the most energy-efficient and sustainable refrigeration product.

As a manufacturer with a 75-year history, we are always having to rethink processes and strive to become more efficient and sustainable, reviewing how we operate at all levels to minimize environmental impact.

Being a wholly privately owned organization gives us an edge in implementing a business strategy focused on innovation and change. Our industry leadership position is dependent on our ability to keep on adapting and improving, and being a private and family-run company, we have a directive which gives us the capital investment required to keep on developing.

Members of True’s Sustainability team had the opportunity to engage local school students and discuss sustainable practices at a recent Earth Day event in Missouri, USA.

Environmentally Friendly Facilities

We know that developing sustainable and energy-efficient end products is only half the story. We must also manufacture and operate our facilities in an environmentally friendly and efficient way too.

One of many current initiatives is waste minimization. Ideally, we would be Zero Waste to landfill within 10 years. For a manufacturer of our size, this is a big goal, but a necessary one.

Other initiatives also include rainwater harvesting, saving over 75,000 gallons annually. We also grow milkweed plants in our native prairie restoration that provide a conducive habitat for the Monarch butterfly.

Motion-activated LED lighting keeps electricity levels low and demand ventilation allows us to minimize heating requirements during colder months. Solar panels also help heat our hot water.


Many more sustainable initiatives have been suggested, executed and driven by True team members with a passion for sustainability. It is with their drive and commitment that we make this happen.

This approach to sustainable manufacturing also creates reductions through the supply chain, requiring less energy and materials to be sourced and produced, but still resulting in a quality product that lasts longer, delaying the need for replacement.

The culmination of this sustainability-minded approach provides our customers with products that align with and help them achieve their sustainability goals.

Partner with a Brand That Aligns with Your Goals

It’s our responsibility to encourage and support our customers in selecting refrigeration products that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly in themselves and their production.

Whether you’re aiming to become more sustainable, or its already instilled within your brand values, True can help you understand the environmental impact of refrigeration within your business.

For regular updates or more information about True’s commitment to sustainability, get in touch.

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