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True launch Energy Cost Calculator

As part of a wider sustainability drive, True Refrigeration has unveiled a new online tool to compare energy usage, carbon consumption and long term operating costs of commercial refrigeration products 

Leading commercial refrigeration manufacturer True Refrigeration has launched a brand new Carbon Calculator this month.  

The new online tool allows volume food and beverage operators and commercial kitchen specifiers to compare like for like refrigeration products to calculate annual energy usage and CO2 emissions, as well as get a lifetime estimate of potential operation costs and environmental savings.  

True’s Carbon Calculator enables users to enter the volume of units, provide data from the fridge’s energy label and submit the Kilowatt per hour (KWh) energy cost from a utility bill. They can then select from four categories of fridge units to get a calculation of annual operating costs, estimated lifetime cost and CO2 production, comparing True with other products on the market.  

Once the data is submitted, users are provided with a one-page report showing which products have been compared, the estimated total running cost and energy saving for one year and over a 10-year period. The report also provides the unnecessary environmental impact equivalent of the refrigeration units compared, this is expressed as the number vehicles on the road, trees cut down or annual home energy in a graphic illustration.  

Scott Jones, True Refrigeration’s Sales and Key Account Director for the UK & Ireland said: “Energy efficiency is essential in tackling climate change as part of being a responsible business. It has never been more important to understand the type of refrigeration equipment you own, what it is costing you to operate and maintain it and the potential impact on your organisations carbon footprint and sustainability targets. 

“Operators need to understand and factor into their purchase decision not only the initial capital cost of equipment, but also the operating costs over the lifetime of the product. Our calculator is intended to give an estimate of the lifetime electrical (kilowatt-hours) savings that could be achieved by choosing energy efficient products from True compared to others on the market. It also provides relatable Greenhouse Gas equivalency metrics to assist with carbon reduction goals.” 

True has been developing its natural refrigerant range since 2007 through its Hydrocarbon (HC) Initiative, by using R290 as an alternative refrigerant. This has low ozone-depleting properties and extremely low Greenhouse Warming Potential (GWP), making it one of the most climate-friendly and cost-effective refrigerants on the market.

Scott concludes: “The new tool, available via True’s website, is part of a wider sustainability drive to provide energy efficient commercial refrigeration, advice, support and consultancy to operators wanting to meet their sustainability goals.”  

From under counter units to upright cabinets, glass door or air display units, the True Carbon Calculator provides a handy, visual comparison of potential cost and environmental savings that can be made when purchasing multiple units.  

For more information about True’s Carbon Calculator visit: https://truerefrigeration.co.uk/energy-cost-calculator/.

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