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Lupo Trattoria

Lupo Trattoria is an authentic Italian restaurant in Vienne, France, which serves homemade cuisine using the finest products which have been carefully selected by award-winning chef Thonio Lupo.

Serving passion on a plate, Chef Lupo’s team combines modern techniques and fresh ideas to create tasty and refined traditional recipes, using only the best Italian ingredients to guarantee flavoursome dishes.


Lupo Trattoria used the following products



Lupo Trattoria believe in only serving their customers the very best ingredients and required a refrigeration solution which would ensure their dishes remained a delight for the tastebuds.

With all food lovingly prepared within sight of diners, equipment which is easily cleaned was an essential, allowing the team to showcase their culinary expertise in a professional, hygienic environment.

Chef Lupo believes it is important to not only invest in the finest ingredients but also top equipment, so wanted reliable refrigeration units which would be efficient, robust and long-lasting.

True’s TCRs feature an easy-to-clean stainless-steel front with sleek, heavy-duty metal handles.
Highly configurable and versatile, TCRs are designed to increase efficiency.


True Refrigeration proposed their TCRs because of their ability to maintain consistent, accurate and safe storage temperatures, which is crucial for guaranteeing great flavours and authentic quality dishes, while still being in the range of the most energy efficient refrigerated counters in the market.

The TCR undercounters are highly customisable and easy to clean, so were ideal for their open plan kitchen layout, ensuring an efficiently run space.

True’s TGNs were also recommended as a great solution for storing fresh pasta and other produce ready for prepping, as perfectly preserved Italian ingredients are integral to sharing the teams’ love and passion for cooking through the food they create.


Lupo Trattoria choose to work with companies who share their passion – making True an ideal partner.

The refrigeration equipment True provided has allowed their kitchen staff to showcase the simplicity and freshness of their ingredients and to cook mouth-watering dishes from the heart.

They have also limited the amount of running around chefs have to do by enhancing the design and practicality of the kitchen.

True’s ability to deliver high-quality units which are easy to clean, durable, reliable and energy efficient, accompanied with their five-year parts and labour warranty, has given the restaurant complete peace of mind.

“For good equipment, when you invest, you must look at long term investment. There is no point in getting equipment that looks attractive from a cost point of view and then after a year you have lots of problems, which is why we chose to partner with True Refrigeration. The long-term benefits of upgrading to True’s equipment were a no-brainer for our business.”

Thonio Lupo

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