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Tips for Creating an Inspirational Workspace

Are you looking to create an inspirational workplace? Personal preference will guide your design inspiration, however there are some practical tips to make improvements that can also boost the performance of your team.

Here are our tips to help you transform your space (no matter how big or small), with ideas on how refrigeration can bring it all together.

Keep it flexible

People like the ability to work on the move. Ownership and permanence are out, sharing is in. That means space should be capable of multiple uses and configurations.

Think adjustable-height surfaces for standing or sitting, tables that allow for small groups to gather within larger, presentation-ready rooms, or semi-private breakout spaces for casual collaboration.

Consider modular furniture components that can be moved, mixed, stacked, and stowed.

Downtime on the up

Google has led the way in encouraging creativity and productivity with a variety of play spaces interspersed throughout their offices. Play is proven to improve motivation, empathy, memory, and efficiency.

WeWork, among many others are now making space for ping-pong or pool tables, video game consoles, and other sanctioned play and lounge areas.

True can help with cool display units that allow workers to get refreshed when break time calls, or even customizable powder-coated options that can make an office space pop!

Communities work better

Shared tables are appearing in more restaurants, hotels and the workplace too. Flexible workers no longer have to face the isolation of a ‘hot desk’ tucked away next to a pile of broken printers.

A community table as a symbol of cooperation has become an important part of the work environment. Shared tables are also homier, promoting the increasingly family-style, cooperative work that is happening around them.

The feeling of community also comes in office dining. Self-serve canteen areas and communal dining spaces mean staff spend more time on site, sharing time together and building a more cohesive and passionate team.

Products like the adaptable True Air Curtains are great for communal spaces. They make it easy to clearly see and access products, so the temptation of leaving the office to head out for lunch look much less appealing.

Mix it up

Research shows a standardized workspace kills choice, independent thinking and can reduce staff engagement. To combat this, create a spectrum of spaces to encourage team-work. Provide booths for private conversations or concentrated work and consider placing conference space in the middle of active common areas.

Let the light in

Exposure to natural light at work has been linked to better sleep and improved energy levels. When designing for natural lighting, though, be sure to keep glare off computer screens. Along with skylights or taller windows, design that incorporates nature in color, textures, and patterns is beneficial to employees and visitors.

Light also comes into play in other areas. Areas that can be traditionally dim, like canteens or self-service dining spaces, can be brightened up by LED lights from cool display units like the True GDM.

Code your color

Incorporated into your design scheme, appropriate colors like calm blues and greens can also improve efficiency and help with communication. If you have employees coming and going, colored files, bins and folders can act as signals as well as storage.

Consider how different colors coordinate with different kinds of work, and color your spaces according to what needs to happen inside them. Blues and greens improve focus and reduce fatigue, reds inspire passion and energy, and yellows promote optimism, development, creativity, and innovation.

True’s flexible design options allow for you to customize units to match the color scheme of your space – creating a consistent and sleek look.

Get sustainable

If you’re looking to renew your workspace to help your people work better, you can also seize the opportunity to make the space work better for the environment too.

Sensors can detect room usage and turn lights off when needed and efficient equipment can reduce energy usage to save you money and lower carbon emissions.

True has been leading the way with sustainable workplace refrigeration using R290 Hydrocarbon refrigerant. This means your product uses less energy during day to day use, and has a minimal environmental impact from its creation.

How we can help

For over 70 years True has been creating refrigeration that looks great and fits into spaces to enhance their look. We can offer practical advice and refrigeration that can take your space to the next level.

Get in touch to see the solutions we have.

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