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Showcase and retail with glass door and open air refrigeration

Refrigeration in retail spaces 

When it comes to customer-facing refrigeration, it has never been more important to strike the balance between practicality and the look of the product. 

Modern merchandising units can offer creative solutions to displaying and storing goods, which is better for both the customer and the retailer. True is widely recognized for having a passion for cold, which is why our range of visual merchandisers – both glass door and air curtain models – offer transparency without compromising on quality or personality. 


Make your products stand out 

It’s important to strike a balance between what looks good in your shop and what is going to do the best job in order to keep your products fresher for longer. 

Being able to see products clearly is essential to grabbing your customers’ attention. Buyers will expect to find their products easily, at a temperature that supports optimum product freshness. 

True’s range of refrigeration units strikes the balance between offering a clear display and maintaining freshness, whether that’s behind an air curtain or glass door. Whether you need in-aisle placement or something that sits on/or behind the counter, there are various options available. 

Tailor products to your brand 

Customizability is a big feature of True products, and we are able to balance practicality and style by offering bespoke refrigeration solutions to our customers. At True, we have a passion for cold but we don’t compromise on how our refrigeration units look or perform.  

Our products are designed with brand in mind, and we can customize the size of our products to suit each business’ needs and retail space. Selected refrigerators have the capacity for brand colors and logos to be applied, so customers can be familiar with who they are buying their products from. 


Find a refrigeration display that works for you 

Understanding the different types of refrigeration available to your business will help you decide the best one to provide an excellent customer experience.  

True offers both glass door and air curtain refrigeration, so you have a wide range of products available to you. 

Glass door refrigeration 

Our glass door refrigeration range allows you to keep your products chilled behind a closed-but-clear display. Glass Door Merchandisers (GDM) offer more choice in terms of its product range, usually larger in size. Visual Merchandisers (TVM) offer a sleeker finish with more emphasis on displaying the product.  

Whatever your business needs, a GDM or a TVM can be ideal for your business depending on what products you are selling. For a volume range, a GDM can work by storing more products, whereas a TVM would suit a smaller range. 

Air curtain refrigeration 

Open air refrigeration is a great way to clearly display your products and give your customers the ease of selecting their favorite items quickly. This is an ideal solution for a fast-moving ‘grab and go’ environment, such as a convenience store or a café. 

Although glass door refrigeration provides an enclosed environment for your products, the improvement in technology has resulted in air curtain models being very capable of conserving energy. They have to meet 2021 regulations surrounding minimum energy performance standards too – as do all refrigerators – which means they will perform well for your business. 

Discover sustainability 

If you are considering commercial refrigeration for your business, you will need to be aware of the legal requirements and regulations before choosing your product. For example, it’s important to familiarize yourself with F-Gas Regulation and Energy Labelling Regulation.  

You can find out more about major regulatory changes on our Be Ready page. We all have a responsibility to tackle global warming and we are playing our part to develop sustainable products that will make an impact to worldwide commercial refrigeration. 

The True Refrigeration team will be able to talk you through major regulatory changes and advise on new refrigeration models that won’t be removed from the market in the near future due to a lack of environmental compliance. 

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