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How to set up an office kitchen your team will love

How to set up an office kitchen your team will love

With home-working on the rise, how do you tempt employees away from their home comforts and back into the office?  

A stylish and practical communal kitchen could be the answer for your office space.  


Hybrid working is here to stay 

Research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in its Embedding new ways of working post-pandemic report shows that some 40% of employers said they expect more than half their workforce to work regularly from home once the pandemic has ended 

While some employees will want to continue working from home full time (where their role permits), studies are showing that most people would prefer a balance where they split their working time between a physical office or shared coworking space and their own homes. A ‘hybrid’ approach.   

There are estimated to be over 22,000 flexible workspace office spaces in the world today and businesses are adapting their environments to this hybrid way of working, to make time spent in the office as productive and engaging as possible.    


Benefits of being together 

A rise in flexible working means employers are thinking more creatively to entice employees into the office, offering more open and varied spaces. Office kitchens and canteens are integral to this, as an office is so much more than just the space people work in. 

From catching up over a cuppa to collaborating over a carry out, employees need areas to work, eat and relax, modern offices need to combine functionality with sustainability and style.  

Employees who are satisfied with their work environments are found to be 16% more productive  

The Tea and Infusions Association has found that sharing a cup of tea with co-workers makes us feel part of a team and that 57% of people reported feeling more connected with colleagues thanks to the tea break and claimed sharing a cuppa was good for teambuilding.  


Catering for everyone 

Whether it is a communal coffee area, somewhere to store meeting refreshments, a safe and secure place to put your packed lunch or a sociable after-work beer, there are many ways that a communal kitchen can be a hub your employees will love.   

Perfect for milk storage under coffee machines for workplace fuel and keeping the team going throughout the day is True’s undercounter range. The undercounter foodservice refrigerators have either solid swing door or glass fronted options to fit into any office décor. You can also encourage staff to bring in their own food with these attractive, temperature-maintaining units which can even be locked for additional security. 

True’s TBR48-RISZ1-L-S-GG-2 Under counter bar refrigerator in stainless steel with 2 glass swing doors, provides an ideal solution for shared refreshment space.

True’s GDM-35-HC~TSL01 as diplayed here at HOST Milan 2021, is an upright retail merchandiser refrigerator, has two full glass swing doors, uses natural refrigerant and a 5 year warranty for a long and efficient life]

Flexible and efficient refrigeration 

True’s range of upright and under-counter refrigerators can be built right into an enclosure, helping save valuable space while still working to optimum functionality. Plus, flexible design options allow you to customise units to match the colour scheme of your space – creating a consistent and sleek look.  

All True refrigerators also maintain holding temperatures of between 0.5°C to 3.3°C to keep products as fresh as possible. 


Sustainable solutions 

Through our hydrocarbon (HC) development initiative, True now produce several of the most energy efficient commercial refrigeration products currently available on the market, so you can choose a sustainable option for your office kitchen.  

True balances hydrocarbon refrigeration systems with the latest in energy-efficient components and our own patented technologies through extensive development and testing. Our products maintain consistent, accurate, and safe storage temperatures in any environment.  

All True products supplied in Europe and UK are covered, as standard, by an industry-leading 5 years parts and labour warranty, giving you additional peace of mind and a longer life for your equipment. 

For more information about on how True can support you in setting up an office kitchen that your team will love, visit: https://truerefrigeration.co.uk/sector/at-work/ or contact the True team for a consultation. 

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