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How True Refrigeration is empowering chefs in the kitchen

For your commercial kitchen to thrive, we know it’s important ingredients are preserved and efficiency is optimised.

Beyond keeping things cold, having confidence in your commercial refrigeration equipment means that you can focus on delivering culinary excellence and serving high quality dishes for your customers.

Here, we delve into the ways True Refrigeration can empower you and elevate your kitchen.

Preserve your culinary craftsmanship

To be able to craft exceptional dishes and create memorable moments for your diners, you need to trust your equipment.

At True, our commitment to excellence drives us to build products from the ground up, including only the latest technologies. This dedication ensures that ingredients aren’t just stored, but meticulously preserved for optimal freshness.

For example, our TGNs are ‘Climate Class 5’ certified for efficient operation. They are specifically designed to thrive in the most demanding 40°C kitchen environments, even with the constant opening and closing of doors.

Not only does this mean your ingredients remain fresh, but it stops spoilage and reduces your kitchen’s food waste.

Depend on durability

The flow of service is essential in both restaurants and catering, as it plays a significant role in ensuring customer satisfaction and overall success.

Your success in delivering this hinges on the ability to depend on robust equipment that not only remains reliable, but is also built to last for years to come with minimal downtime.

At True, we use components which have been manufactured directly in-house by us and oversee the entire process. We’re so confident in the quality of our products, that we provide a 5-year warranty on all our products sold in the EU, protecting you against any material or mechanical defects, including all parts and labour.

As this is above the market average, this instils confidence in the chefs we work with, including Swedish star chef and meat expert Johan Jureskog, who opened the burger chain Jureskogs with his brother.

“We’re so confident in our equipment, we can focus on making the best burgers in Sweden,” says Micke Roos, Operation Manager at Jureskogs. “That’s what’s important to us, that’s why we chose high-quality equipment, and that’s why we chose True.”

To discover more about our work with Jureskog, read our case study here: https://truerefrigeration.ch/case-study/jureskogs/

Improve efficiency in your kitchen

At True Refrigeration, we recognise the importance of efficiency in a kitchen, where every moment counts, particularly when the soul of every dish lies in its ingredients.

To support you, we offer solutions designed to assist you in preparing and storing ingredients in advance, ensuring they maintain their freshness and flavour, both of which are crucial when crafting an unforgettable meal.

Our TSSU prep tables, for example, offer configurable pan space which allows you to customise and accommodate various pan sizes, tailoring your space to your specific needs. Additionally, they come equipped with a removable preparation board, facilitating your staff in staying ahead during the hustle of busy service.

This commitment to functionality and efficiency is echoed by Chef Lupo, of Lupo Trattoria in France, who attests to the importance of discovering the world through produce in our case study.

For him, the base of everything is the produce – a sentiment that aligns seamlessly with our dedication to providing kitchen solutions that enhance the artistry of cooking. Chef Lupo even states, “It’s truly the foundation of my whole kitchen. Cooking for me… is an act of love.”

Maximise floor space in your kitchen

We know that even in world-class kitchens, floor space can be limited.

Our commitment to enhancing chefs’ productivity resonates through our diverse range of counter and undercounter refrigerators and freezers.

For instance, our TCRs blend a practical workspace for food preparation on top with refrigerator or freezer space below. While our TRCB units are designed to sit directly under grills and griddles. This provides instant access to refrigerated storage at the point of cooking, optimising limited space.

Recently, we even helped Le Glacier, a traditional French brasserie, maximise space by recommending our T-15 upright cabinet. Due to its slimline size, it ensured the preservation of all ingredients and provided ample storage in a smaller space.

Explore our counters and undercounters

We enhance kitchens globally

Chefs on every continent, each with their unique flair and cultural influences, all rely on their commercial refrigeration equipment, with many choosing True.

During our time at Host Milano, we had the pleasure of speaking with Chef Mahmoud Alkhalil, the Business Development Manager and Advisory Chef في Raqtan Food Service Equipment. He passionately shared why he chose True: “This is an investment. If you want to save your money, you have to have the best equipment, and for me, the best is True.”

Get in touch

If you’re looking to elevate your kitchen, our friendly team is ready to advise you on the best commercial refrigeration solutions to suit your service needs.

Whether your goal is to maximise space or enhance overall efficiency, we’re here to assist you.

Reach out to us today for information on our product range or visit our case studies to see firsthand how we’ve assisted other chefs with our innovative solutions.

Let’s empower you and your kitchen together.

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